Gardens in Europe

gardens in EuropeThis will be my second-to-last travel story from our trip to see gardens in Europe last month. I hope you have been enjoying them!

While we were in London, we had a limited amount of time before catching our long flight from London to Seattle so we tried to get as much exercise as possible while taking in a couple of sights.

Yesterday, I wrote how we saw the lovely formal gardens at Kensington Palace. Something else we had read about was the Chelsea Physic Garden, which had gotten rave reviews and sounded well worth the time. I’m going to write about it tomorrow but I have to tell you something funny first.

gardens in EuropeAs we were walking the long distance between the palace and the Chelsea Physic Garden, I came to a screeching halt when I saw what appeared to be a VERY cool garden center! Oooh!! I always find it interesting to visit garden centers in other towns in the States and especially in other countries. We’ve been to some wonderful garden centers in various regions of France, so this particular garden center certainly must be worth a visit, too.

It was called The Chelsea Gardener and it was one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever visited. But first things first: here is their web address so you can check it out:

What initially caught my eye was all of the wonderful Christmas ornaments. That’s something we always enjoy bringing home from a trip because it’s a memory that we can take with us and enjoy year after year during the holidays. Naturally, the little wooden hedgehogs seemed like a perfect ornament to choose, which I did, and Bill chose a bird ornament. But the wide selection of ornaments — of all styles, colors and subject matter — was mindboggling.

gardens in EuropeThey also had all sorts of garden goodies like bird feeders, tools, furniture and pots. If I’d had more room in my suitcase, there are several items would’ve liked to bring home from there, believe me!

Then we walked through the back doors into their nursery area and I couldn’t believe how beautifully they’d displayed all of their plants. As you can see, they were arranged by color and type into the prettiest arrangements. It’s obvious the owners have a good eye for design. Once again, there were heathers on display, lots of brightly-colored Cyclamen, ornamental kale, boxwood and ivy.

We didn’t have but a few minutes to spend at The Chelsea Gardener but it was an awesome find and provided a plenty of inspiration. We’ll remember it fondly this Christmas, when the hedgehog and bird ornaments are hanging from our tree.

Tomorrow: Find out what the Chelsea Physic Garden is all about!