Sunflowers in bloom

SunflowersIs there anything perkier than sunflowers in bloom? Although it was mighty hot today so maybe this guy wasn’t feeling as perky as he’d like. What you’re looking at is an ‘Autumn Beauty’ sunflower which is a mix from Ed Hume Seeds.

So far, there are just two of them blooming but other colors in the mix include pale yellow, butter yellow, peach with rust center, even paler peach with rust center, and other colors that are hard to describe! They are described on the seed packet as “a stunning mixture of bright warm-colored flowers,” which obviously sums it up better than I can.

No matter what, I love the chocolate brown centers. I sowed the seeds directly in my vegetable garden once the danger of frost was past, which should have been mid to late May but we had a lot of temperature extremes this spring. What I did was sow the seeds and then cover them with a floating row cover for some frost protection. This got them off to a good start.

These sunflowers will reach from 5 to 6 feet in height and they should bloom until we start getting frosts in the fall.