Container garden update

Container gardenThis is one of two large containers on my deck. They are planted with Purple Fountain Grass, chartreuse Sweet Potato Vine and ‘Coralberry Punch’ Million Bells (Calibrachoa). Isn’t this container garden a fun combination of colors?

I really love Purple Fountain Grass. It isn’t hardy enough to grow as a perennial here but it sure creates a lot of interest during its short life as an annual! All three plants are sun-lovers and are very easy to grow.

The secret to success with containers is to provide them with regular watering. My two large deck pots are known as “self-watering” containers because they have a large reservoir at the bottom that roots can tap into as needed. The reservoir generally lasts for 3 or 4 days, but during hot weather like we’ve been experiencing, they just about need to be refilled every day or every other day.

Fortunately, my husband Bill set up an automatic watering system for both pots, using drip tubing that is connected to a hose bib that has a timer on it. It runs daily. That’s how the water reservoirs stay filled all the time.

I bought the pots years ago from the online business, Gardener’s Supply. They have all sorts of self-watering containers in all shapes and sizes. I believe you can find self-watering containers locally as well.

The only thing that can be a problem is when you have particularly shallow-rooted planted that have trouble reaching the reservoir. That’s what has happened with the Million Bells when it’s been at its hottest so I’ve had to do some supplemental watering of the top part of the pot on occasion.

It’s worth it, though, when you see the plants growing so well! Remember that you can view an enlarged version of the photo above by clicking on it.