April 21 column: Grafted vegetables

Grafted vegetablesHere is a link to my column in today’s edition of The Spokesman-Review: Grow your garden with grafted veggies.┬áIt is about grafted vegetables — most specifically grafted tomatoes — which will be available at next Saturday’s WSU/Spokane County Master Gardeners’ Plant Sale & Garden Fair.

I grew a grafted tomato plant last year and was astounded by how productive it was. I grew it side by side with a non-grafted tomato of the same variety (‘Black Pear’) and the difference was incredible. The grafted plant produced just under three times as many tomatoes as the non-grafted one.

The Plant Sale & Garden Fair is next Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the WSU Extension building, 222 N. Havana St., in Spokane.

In addition to growing some grafted tomatoes in my garden this year, I’ve also mail-ordered a grafted pepper plant and a grafted eggplant. My eggplants in the past have tended to be a little on the wimpy side so I wanted to see what would happen with a grafted one. I’ll keep you posted on how all of the grafted plants do.