Time for Oriental lilies

Oriental lilies

Wow. If there’s one flowering bulb that absolutely takes my breath away, it’s got to be  Oriental lilies. The flowers are real showstoppers in the garden and their scent is absolutely intoxicating. You are looking at ‘Salmon Star.’ Isn’t it a beauty?

If you’ve never grown them, you’d probably think they’re difficult to grow and delicate, right? Quite the contrary. They are about the hardiest plant in my flower beds.

You start with one of the large bulbs — which you can find online or in just about any garden center — and plant them in a hole about 8 inches deep. That’s pretty much the extent of the effort you have to put in! I don’t fertilize mine and I don’t do anything else except to admire them when they start blooming in mid to late summer. They prefer sun to part sun and will grow about 3 feet in height. Oriental lilies will come up year after year after year, and the flower size never diminishes.

To get a feel for some of the amazing Oriental lily cultivars available, go to this Dutch Gardens web page.