Tomatoes, tomatoes!


Holy moley, the tomatoes are ripening like crazy now. About 10 days ago, my husband Bill turned off the water to our tomato bed and it has really done the trick. What this does is stress the plants to the point where the plants stop growing and the tomatoes ripen very quickly.

As I’ve mentioned recently, these are ‘Italian Pompeii’ paste tomatoes and we are very impressed with them. They are incredibly prolific and very meaty. I bought the seeds at Renee’s Garden.

This photo was taken this morning after we harvested every ripe one we could lay our hands on. I probably should have weighed the harvest but the full containers were too heavy for me to lift.

We spent the day washing, quartering and pureeing them. The tomato sauce we made just came out of the canner. We also set aside 5 lbs. of the tomatoes so we could make an oven-roasted tomato sauce to go over pasta for dinner. I can hardly wait to taste it! (this is the recipe I found on the web: Oven-roasted Tomato Sauce)

Anyway, we are anticipating more harvests over the next week or so, but frosts are coming soon so we really need to keep an eye on the weather forecasts and be prepared to either cover the plants or harvest every last tomato. I’m planning to donate many of the tomatoes to Second Harvest Food Bank so that we can share the bounty.