Sept. 18 column: Extend growing season

Extend growing season

Here is a link to my column in Sunday’s edition of The Spokesman-Review: Covers, blankets can extend growing season. It is all about extending the growing season this fall as well as some products you can use in the early spring to get a jump on the season.

Since we have such a short growing season, it’s important to use as many tools to thwart Mother Nature as possible!

I use floating row covers in my garden a lot. This lightweight fabric lets in air, light and moisture, but another of its great attributes is that it gives plants a few degrees of frost protection. It’s also what organic farmers cover their plants with if they are growing crops that are susceptible to insects like aphids, leaf miners and cabbage loopers. So it makes a great insect barrier.

You just have to remember that if you’re growing a plant that needs to be pollinated, you’ll need to remove the cover once the plants start blooming so the bees can work their magic.