Vegetables – Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard

This photo isn’t going to win any prizes but as you can see, we have been harvesting a lot of Swiss Chard lately.

We prefer growing it instead of spinach since the latter doesn’t tolerate the heat like the chard does. We’ve been growing it under a floating row cover all season to keep the leaf miners off of them, so the leaves are perfect. I also wanted to clarify that we pick the leaves off of each plant rather than the whole plant – that way we get to harvest chard all season long.

Did you know that you can steam and then freeze Swiss Chard? My husband Bill discovered this last year. At the time, I figured it would turn to mush when we defrosted it but it actually freezes (and thaws) great. Who would’ve thought? Freezing a portion of the harvest ensures that we can enjoy it well into the winter and what a treat that will be!