Vegetable harvest

Vegetable harvest

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy! Yup, we are busy with a vegetable harvest from our garden and are feeling very fortunate that we get to eat so many good things.

We are currently picking lettuce, onions, zucchini, pole beans, Swiss chard, basil, beets and our very first head of cabbage.

You might recall that I planted ‘Early Jersey Wakefield’ cabbage this year. I selected it because of its small, conical heads and am really pleased with this first one (in above photo). The head was very dense and tasted delicious in homemade coleslaw.

The beets are really growing well this year. We’re harvesting ‘Chioggia,’ ‘Bull’s Blood’ and ‘Golden.’ They taste great when roasted. Tonight, we served them with a balsamic reduction but we also like to chill them and serve them sliced within a salad that includes toasted sliced almonds, feta or gorgonzola cheese and dried cranberries.

I hope you are enjoying a bounty of delicious veggies from your garden as well.