August 28 column: Vegetable garden update

Here is a link to my column from today’s edition of The Spokesman-Review: Odd weather has left us with winners, losers. The topic for today is an update on how my vegetable garden is doing. Like most gardeners in this region, I’ve been having some problems due to the chilly, wet weather we had from early spring into early summer.

The eggplants are quite stunted and it is very unlikely I will get anything from them. The peppers are slowly coming back to life but it will be a small harvest, that’s for sure. The shallot bulbs appear to have rotted in the ground and my winter squash is trying really hard to recover and give me at least a small harvest.

While all of this can be really frustrating, there were plenty of veggies that have been kind to us: Swiss chard, lettuce, onions, leeks, green beans, beets and summer squash, to name a few.

All we can do is consider this a learning experience and remember to plant short-season varieties of veggies to ensure a decent harvest. Be sure to take a lot of notes in your garden journal of things you wish you had done differently this year. It will come in handy for next year.

Also, be sure to start nipping back your tomato, squash, melon and pumpkin plants so they will focus their energy on ripening what’s on the vine rather than continuing to bloom and grow more leaves.