Annuals – Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Holy moley! Is this a fantastic color of flower or what? We gardeners really do love any flower that is a great shade of blue, don’t we?

What you are looking at is a Morning Glory, but don’t freak out – this is an annual and not the dreaded Field Bindweed that is so invasive in fields and gardens. I think the fact that it is related to Field Bindweed, however, makes people shy away from growing it.

This year, I was determined to give it a try as I had a little extra room on the arbor where I grow my pole beans. This particular Morning Glory is called ‘Mailbox Mix’ and I got the seeds from Renee’s Garden. The packet contains a mix of blue and white flowers. They are very easy to grow although they did get off to a slow start due to our chilly, wet spring and early summer.

As the plants climb up the arbor, they are rewarding me with these beautifully blue, delicate flowers. If you click on the photo above, you can view a larger image and really savor the shade of blue. It never hurts to add a little color to the veggie garden, right?