June 26 column: Dorene Harter

Dorene Harter

Here is a link to my column in today’s edition of The Spokesman-Review: Harter has spent a lifetime honing her gardening skills.┬áThis is the first monthly installment of my profiles of area gardeners. Today’s column is about Master Gardener Dorene Harter.

I recently had the privilege of touring her garden and it is a delight for the eyes! Dorene really has a knack for growing plants and it shows. She has a wonderful raised-bed garden which you can see in the photo above. Remember that you can click on the photo in order to see an enlarged view; that way you can really appreciate Dorene’s beautiful garden.

I am looking for two more gardeners to profile for the months of August and September (update: I’m now just looking for someone to profile for September). If you have a wonderful garden, please drop me a note at inthegarden@live.com. If you could include a photo or two of your garden, that would be great.

Enjoy this beautiful, sunny day.