May 29 column: Flowering shrubs

Flowering shrubs, Koreanspice Viburnum

Here is a link to my column in today’s edition of The Spokesman-Review: Splendor of shrubs.┬áToday’s topic is on the many wonderful flowering shrubs that will grow in Inland Northwest gardens. If you were impressed with the main photo in the article, which was of a Japanese Kerria, you will find some in bloom in Manito Park’s Ferris Perennial Gardens.

The Koreanspice Viburnums, pictured above, are also blooming right now, on the pathway to the west of Gaiser Conservatory that leads from the parking area for the Conservatory to the Ferris Perennial Gardens.

Getting to see flowering shrubs in bloom right now is a nice reward for all of the cold, wet weather we’ve been enduring!

I also wanted to clarify the timing for pruning forsythias. A reader wrote me a note suggesting that they be pruned before July 1st each year.

According to garden writer David Beaulieu, “Pruning of forsythia bushes is best done just after they’ve finished putting on their flower display in spring, because they bloom on the prior year’s growth (pruning either too late or too early interrupts the growth/blooming cycle).”