Garden update: Growing pole beans

pole beans


pole beans

I know conventional wisdom in these parts says that you shouldn’t plant any tender plants outdoors until the snow is off Mica Peak (or Mt. Spokane, for that matter). Well, if you’ve looked up on the hills and mountains lately, you know there’s still a whole lot of snow up there! So if I had to follow that, I probably wouldn’t get to plant anything until August at the rate things are going. I’m telling you all this because I decided to just go for it and plant my pole beans and corn seedlings a few days ago. I’ve been careful to watch the weather forecasts and I don’t see any temperatures in the 30s over the next 10 days so I think it’s safe. I’m still going to wait about a week before planting the tomato plants outside, though.

As you can see by the second photo, the garden is actually starting to look more like a garden these days. All of the beds are prepared, and the ones with plastic covering them are ready for warm-season crops to go in — things like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash and pumpkins.

I thinned the Swiss chard, beets, collards and cabbage over the weekend. The corn is covered with bird netting supported on hoops to allow the seedlings to get a little larger before being uncovered. If I didn’t do this for the first couple of weeks, the birds would peck away at them mercilessly while the plants are so delicate and tender.

Let’s keeping thinking sunshine and warm temperatures!