April 10 column: Plant lettuce

Plant lettuce
Here is a link to my column in today’s edition of The Spokesman-Review: Time is now to plant lettuce, other root crops.

I realize that the headline makes it sound like lettuce is a root crop. Au contraire! Actually, reporters and columnists don’t write their own headlines; it’s done by the copy editor. Just wanted to clarify that I didn’t write it and that I really do know it’s not one of the root crops!

Anyway, the column covers the planting information for lettuce, carrots, parsnips and beets. There are so many different cool-season crops. I wish I could have covered them all but there’s only so much space in my columns to discuss them. Today’s column was the second of two parts on cool-season crops so if you have any questions about ones I didn’t have room for, just drop me a line at Susan@susansinthegarden.com.

I also wanted to mention that our weather has been awfully chilly lately and it’s not looking much better through this week. And unfortunately, the outlook for this spring is cooler-than-normal temperatures and higher-than-normal amounts of precipitation. Not what any gardener wants to hear, is it?

But hopefully we can all get away with planting some of the cool-season crops in our gardens over the next week or two. You might want to use some floating row cover over your beds to give them a little bit of frost protection. And always remember that if your soil isn’t very dry and crumbly yet, you’ll want to wait a bit longer before you start working with it.