Houseplants – African Violets

African Violets
When it comes to gardening, my passion lies in growing fruits, veggies and flowers outdoors. But indoor gardening is important, too. Houseplants add color and style to our homes. They also help clean up our indoor air. One of my favorite houseplants is African Violets. I first got started with them way back in about 1986 while I was working full-time for The Spokesman-Review. My co-workers gave me a beautiful pink African Violet for my birthday.

I quickly discovered that it didn’t like me to get its leaves wet so I learned to water it from the bottom. I also noticed the plant was more likely to bloom for me if I kept it in a eastern window in my home. That plant grew quite large to the point where I decided to carefully divide it and make more plants to share with friends.

Would you believe that plant has bloomed for me almost non-stop ever since I first got it? And I always remember the friends who gave it to me when I look at it. I’ve picked up a few more African Violets over the years and have found that as long as I give them some bright light, water them from the bottom and give them an occasional weak fertilizer solution, they will be very happy.