Save those leaves for compost!

leaves for compost
Have you been enjoying this glorious autumn so far? I can’t get over how beautiful it has been.

But now we are all faced with leaves, leaves and more leaves. I hate to see them go to waste, though. Many folks bag them up and dispose of them or they rake them into the street for the city to clean up and haul away.

Why not take advantage of this free supply of useful organic material instead? Raking is terrific exercise and it gives you a chance to be outside and enjoy the colorful scenery.

My husband and I use our leaves for compost. Instead of using trash bags, we just rake the leaves onto a large tarp and drag it over to the compost pile in our veggie garden.

The leaves will biodegrade all by themselves, without any turning or tending required. The resulting leaf mulch is ideal for adding to our garden soil and as a mulch around shrubs and perennials. The great thing about mulch is that it impedes the growth of weeds and also helps the soil retain moisture.

If you’ve planted garlic this fall, you can add shredded leaves to the surface of the bed as a mulch to insulate the developing garlic plants during the winter.

I saw a news story on KREM-2 recently about a gal who bagged up her leaves and posted them on craigslist for anyone to take for free. She had already used all the leaves she needed for her garden and wanted to “pay it forward” by sharing the excess with other gardeners. I think that’s terrific. Let’s use the natural, sustainable materials that we have in abundance around us. It will make a big difference in our gardens’ productivity.