Holiday decor – part 1

Holiday decor
Holiday decor
Holiday decor

I’ve just had a fun weekend being creative. I went to a class on making holiday moss baskets on Saturday and I had some friends over yesterday so we could make our Christmas wreaths. I’ll do a separate posting on the wreath project but wanted to show you what I made on Saturday to give you some ideas on how to make easy holiday centerpieces. Here are the steps:

First, you start with a basket or container of any size or shape. I used a rectangular basket, 2 copper containers and a glass bowl for mine.

Select a few 4″ pots of houseplants like poinsettias, dracaena, small ferns or mosses. Set them into your container and arrange them in a pleasing pattern. If the pots get lost in the container because they’re not tall enough, just set some floral oasis foam – or other types of hard foam that can easily be cut into chunks – underneath them to bring them up to the right height. Be sure to place a plastic saucer underneath each pot so you can water them without having to take them out of your basket.

Next, add sheets of moss (or spaghnum or Spanish moss) over the pots so you can’t see the tops of them. This really makes the container look attractive and professional.

Now you can really get creative by adding a bow, maybe some small ornaments, pinecones, contorted filbert branches, or whatever suits you. You could also add candles if you wish.

And that’s it! I’m really not all that creative but it was so easy making these centerpieces that I’m actually proud of the finished results. Give this a try and you will be amazed at how much fun it is!

Regarding the candle centerpiece photo, here’s what I did: I placed the candle in the glass container first (I found that container at Michael’s), then surrounded it with a couple of inches of those clear glass beads (marbles or pebbles would work, too). I placed a thin layer of moss over the beads next, and then started tucking in greenery (mostly cedar), holly sprigs and berries. Simple and quick!