Veggie update – Growing peppers

This photo isn’t particularly exciting but I wanted to show you something we’ve done out in the garden this year.¬†We been growing peppers for years but are frustrated because they can fall over from the weight of their fruit. This was a big problem last year. This year, my husband Bill created a support for them which was pretty easy to do.

We put small stakes near the corners and middle of the raised bed, then placed a 4’x8′ sheet of concrete-reinforcing wire on top of that support. The wire rests about 8 inches above the plants, which have grown up through the wire. The holes in the wire are large enough to reach through for harvesting and the plants get the support they need.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I got the moss to grow over the surface of the bed, I have no idea! It started appearing in early summer and now covers the entire bed. I just left there because it would’ve been hard to pull it out without disturbing the pepper plants so I’m just ignoring it for now. It does look kind of pretty, though, and the peppers seem to be getting all the nutrients and moisture they need.