Veggie update – Growing cantaloupes

Growing cantaloupes
For many years now, we have been growing cantaloupes — specifically ‘Alaska hybrid’ cantaloupes. They grow well in our short seasons and are absolutely delicious.

We started harvesting them in the past couple of weeks but the last half-dozen or so melons out in the garden are taking their time ripening. The forecasted rain and slightly cooler temperatures aren’t helping matters but we’re hopeful they’ll all eventually ripen before a killing frost hits.

As you can see by this one – which is almost ready to pick – they turn a nice yellow-orange color as they start to ripen. The way you know they are ripe is by looking at the spot where the vine attaches to the melon. If it is firmly attached, it’s not ripe yet. But when the melon has pulled away from the vine, it is definitely ready to pick. They sure are worth the wait!