Annuals – Gloriosa daisies

Gloriosa daisies
Aren’t these flowers stunning? I took this photo during my visit to Manito Park earlier in the week. They are planted in several beds in the formal Duncan Garden.¬†They are Gloriosa daisies and I think they are so attractive. Unfortunately, they’re not reliably hardy for the Inland Northwest so most of us are stuck growing them as annuals here. What a shame! The flowers just last and last – virtually no deadheading is required.

Last year, I planted the ‘Cherry Brandy’ cultivar in my back perennial bed and was so bummed that they didn’t come back this year. Of course, I bought them before I realized they weren’t quite hardy enough. Where my husband Bill and I live, we are probably in zone 4b rather than 5, so that makes it even tougher. But were they grand last year!

I wasn’t able to locate the name of the cultivar shown above while I was at the park but I believe it might be ‘Prairie Sun.’ If you do a Google images search on “Gloriosa daisy,” you will see why they are so appealing. What a great array of colors it comes in.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.