Veggie update – onions

You’ll recall that I grew a lot of onions from seed this year. There are three varieties – Valencia (yellow), Red Globe and Walla Walla Sweets – and they have been growing great.

We’ve been eating a few of them but they were still a bit crowded in the raised beds they’re growing in. We decided to pull every other onion from each row today in order to leave plenty of room for the remaining ones to develop into large bulbs.

What you might not know is that you can chop and freeze them really easily. We have one of those slicer/dicer machines from Williams-Sonoma and it really earned its keep tonight. I now have seven 1-quart freezer bags full of diced onions. They will be a real time-saver when I’m making soups and all sorts of dishes that call for them.

The top photo shows the onions with their proper spacing now and the other one shows the bags of onions ready to go into the freezer.

The remaining onions in the garden will actually “signal” to us that they’re done growing when their stalks fall over and dry out. At that point, we’ll turn off the water to that bed, pull up the onions and rest them on the soil surface. If there is any chance of rain, however, we’ll move them to a dry place because moisture would cause them to rot. That’s not a good thing since I want to store them this fall.