Veggie update – Growing cantaloupes

Growing cantaloupes
It’s hard to tell much from this photo but I took it from this angle for a reason. I will explain in a moment.¬†For many years now, I have been growing cantaloupes, specifically ‘Alaska Hybrid’. They are a short-season variety that reliably produce decent-sized melons that have sweet, succulent flesh. I usually plant about a dozen seedlings – started indoors 2 weeks ahead – in a raised bed.

Over the past couple of weeks, the vines have been growing like crazy due to the very warm weather we’ve been having. By the time the vines spill over the edge of the bed, each vine will have small melons starting to develop. At this point, I trim back the vines to the edges of the beds with a pair of scissors. This will force the plants to focus their energy on ripening the existing melons rather than using a bunch of energy to grow even more vines.

Before the end of the season, we’ll be savoring these delightful melons. They are definitely worth the real estate in my garden!